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  • Question: Drrrrrrrrrrrrraven! What do you do with all that extra gold you get from each kill now? - mesna
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    Oh, nothing much. Just Draven things. Ha, ha, ha!



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"Hrmph… did my idiot summoner lead you to me? Or did you find me by happenstance?"

"She might have, but come on Kat! Don’t talk to me like we’re strangers." Draven swings his arm around Katarina’s shoulder. " We’ve seen each other around enough to start taking things to the next level don’t ya think? Ha, ha! Why don’t you go get your ‘idiot summoner’ and we can go get some drinks! Yeaah!"

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Yo! Draven here, shirtless and possibly pantless. I’ll leave that up to you to decided. Anyway I’m hear to announce that I’m back baby! You guys bore me so much that I had to take a leave of absence, but hopefully you guys have lightened up since I last left. Let the fuuuuun begin! Hahaha! Ask away scrubs!

((Yuh~ I’m back. Hopefully for a while this time. :3 Trying to get back into the groove of things. I figure I should bring Draven back since I’m actually working on a big project that revolves around him anyway. Haha.))

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Oh, yeah baby. Draven is totally down for some drinks with Ira right about now. I know you know how to have a good time. Ha, ha, ha! And Kat is going to have to deal with it! Can’t have fun if ya can’t make a mess.Hah!

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Of course I picked out this outfit. I knew the ladies would love it. Ha, ha! I figure I’d give the fans what they wanted and show a bit more of my Draaaavenness.

((I tried to fight for Pentakill Draven… ;~;))

((I tried to fight for Pentakill Draven… ;~;))

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OH- OH HAH HA, HA, HA! OH MAN! Geez… Geeeez girlie… That seriously cracked me up! Ha, ha! Don’t worry, Draven will make sure to teach you how to put a real good Draaaaaven grin on for show!


Draven is just so Draaaaaaaven.

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Huh?! What!? I can’t seem to hear your puny Demacian voice over all these sexy Draaaaven fans. Might want to work on that scrub!